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"how often do you think happily about your partner when you're apart?"

what came up for you also gives answers to the question 'how happy are you - right this moment - in your relationship, partnership, marriage?

the answers most couples are looking for though are to other questions: 

  • what drives us apart? 

  • how can I deal with all the resentment, sadness and anger I accumulated over the last months .. years? 

  • how can we change direction?  how to get closer again?

conflict is inevitable, blame and violence are - Rosenberg

the path to healing your relationship can be found while - as a couple - exploring your answers to questions like ..

  • what do you remember about your first date?

  • what do you say when you are too angry to continue a discussion?

  • name a shared goal in your relationship

  • what is one of your partner's dreams?

  • name a difficult moment you have overcome as a couple

.. guided and supported by the tools Marshall B. Rosenberg, John Gottman and Pema Chödrön have on offer: Nonviolent Communication, The Relationship House and Tonglen.


compatibility isn't something you have. 

it's something you make 

the Gottman institute

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